We work closely with our onsite pathology team, allowing many test results to be gained same day.

As part of the University Veterinary Teaching Hospital Camden (UVTHC), the LVS offers pathology services via the UVTHC Pathology Department.

The department’s automated instrumentation and skilled technical staff offer a range of diagnostic pathology services.

An experienced senior pathologist, a training pathology intern and ready access to a range of specialist and highly qualified pathologists ensure accurate, detailed and clinically relevant results.

Services include:

· Milk sample culture and PCR

· Faecal culture

· Full haematology and biochemistry analyses (blood counts)

· Blood and other fluid chemistries

· Urinalysis

· Cytological analysis of fluids (joint, pleural, peritoneal and cerebrospinal fluid) and fine needle aspirates

· Microbial (bacterial, fungal) isolation, identification, and antibiotic sensitivity testing

· Pre and/or post worming faecal testing

· Histopathology (biopsy) diagnostic service

· Full postmortem examination service for livestock.

External laboratories are utilised for mineral profiles, genetics and toxicology to supplement available services.

Our professional pathology staff and veterinarians will also help in the interpretation of the results and assist in laboratory diagnostic evaluation of cases.

To supply a sample, simply complete the Clinical pathology request form and drop the form and sample into 410 Werombi Road, Brownlow Hill