Meet the Team


BSc BVMS (Hons) PhD, Dip ACVIM

Unit Head Livestock Veterinary Teaching and Research Unit

John House graduated from Murdoch University, Western Australia, completed specialty training in large animal medicine and has a pHD at University of California, Davis.
Research efforts have focused on disease control and enhancing farm productivity through the conduct of epidemiological studies and the development of diagnostic tests and vaccines. Much of this work has been directed at prevention of salmonellosis in intensive ruminant production systems. Current projects include the evaluation of DNA adenine methylase attenuated salmonella vaccines in cattle and sheep, a national survey of bovine pink eye in Australia looking at the prevalence of serotypes, epidemiological studies of environmental mastitis pathogens on NSW dairy farms, epidemiological studies of mycoplasma in dairy cattle and projects evaluating different approaches to assisted reproduction in dairy cattle.